Feb 13, 2015

Bands Selection #8 - Super Besse

Après une longue pause, notre rubrique "Bands Selection" est de retour. Pour celle-ci, nous avons demandé à notre groupe biélorusse favori de nous envoyer quelques pistes.

Depuis que nous suivons Super Besse, nous n'avons jamais été déçus par leur coldwave punchy. Pavel, Maksim et Sasha ont déjà sorti deux EPs, mais on attend patiemment leur premier album qui devrait bientôt débarquer! Ils partagent avec nous plusieurs sons rock et punk made in Russia, mais aussi quelques chansons plus électroniques. Une playlist éclectique.


After a long break, our "Bands Selection" rubric is back. For this one, we asked to our favorite Belarusian band to send some tracks.

Since we follow Super Besse, we have never been disappointed by their punchy coldwave. Pavel, Maksim and Sasha already released two EPs, but we are patiently waiting for their first album that must be come soon ! They shared with us some rock and punk sounds from Russia, but also some more electronic songs. An eclectic playlist. 

- Poni Hoax - Antibodies
Poni Hoax it's Max's favorite band.

- Motorama - Impratical Advice
Motorama is a very good russian band from Rostov on Don, they are our good friends. Song Impractical Avice from a new album Poverty

- Утро — Как же я был слаб в те дни
Утро this is a side project of the Motorama. Motorama & Утро play a very good & beautiful music we really love it. 

Труд – Друг
Труд is also a good Russian group, and they are also our good friends, and they have great music and very very soulful lyrics. Maybe they are one of those who inspired us to create Super Besse.

- Future Islands - Vireo's Eye
Future Islands - this is perhaps one of the most popular groups of all of us. probably their live performance is one of the best shows we've seen. 

- Trisomie 21 - Breaking Down
Breaking Down is a song that will sound in your head long after the first listen. They are a great French band.

- k2me – Kolibelnaya (Original Mix)


- Paul Kalkbrenner – Square 1

- NGLY – Misterious Jazz from Hell