Jul 7, 2014

Bands Selection #6 - Thy Lankasters

Nous sommes allés en Russie pour cette nouvelle Bands selectionThy Lankasters, que nous suivons de près a partagé avec nous dix morceaux assez intéressants. Entre synth pop et dubstep. Des années 80 à maintenant. Vous pouvez retrouver certains de ces sons dans leur musique.

Par ailleurs, ils ont fait un bon remix de l'une des dernière chanson de Tesla Boy, on l'a rajouté à la fin de cette sélection.


We went to Russia for this new Bands selection. Thy Lankasters, that we closely follow has shared with us ten exciting tracks. Between synth pop and dubstep. From the 80's to the 10's. You may find some of these sounds in their music.

By the way, they made a very nice remix of one of Tesla Boy latest tune. Check it at the end of this selection.

- James Blake - CMYK 
Mr James Blake is one of my all-time favorite producers. It keeps amazing me how slick does he mix dubstep beats with deep R&B-style vocals. Sweet piano progressions + well placed samples from Kellis “Caught out there” - you will be pleased for sure. 

- Mount Sims - Restless 
Dead drums, synths like Kraftwerk`s "Trans-Europe-Express", mystique vocals and goosebumps. 

- Neon Indian - Polish Girl 
In love with this juicy, summer tune, when I first time heard it in one of the Reading`s hotel (during Reading festival) on E4 advertisement.

- Burial - Homeless 
I can listen to Burial’s beatlines over and over again for days - its just that hypnotizing. Its just amazing how he can make a song out of a single beat and you just cant get enough of it. Freaking groovy stuff!

- Celebrate The Nun – Will You Be There
Hans Peter Geerdes and Hendrik Stedler played Depeche Mode style music before they become Scooter band, D`you know that?

- Solid Gold - Who You Gonna Run To
The plane flying across the cloudy horses and elephants in the sky. Nice audio for alone beach laying.

- Parachute Youth – Count to Ten
Australian synth pop duo count to ten and then you have to dance.

- Jamie xx - Girl
Such a romantic piece of music - a perfect soundtrack to sitting with a hot girly by the ocean watching the sun come up.

- Boat Club – Memories
Fresh air and breezy hair.

- Tiger Love – Summer Rain
Talkboy tape recorder and VHS. 2 words which can describe the epoch of 90s.